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For Your Safety

For Your Safety

Safety Guidelines

1. Proper athletic footwear is required in order to attend our aerobic classes.

2. Excessive amount of perfume can cause allergic reactions and discomfort to many exercisers. Please be considerate.

3. Please try to arrive on time for classes as the warm up is very important to prepare your body for exercise.

4. Try to remain for the entire stretching and cool down segment. Remember stretching decreases muscle soreness and increases flexibility.

5. Please refrain from chewing gum in class.

6. We encourage all participants to bring a water bottle and to take a break if needed. This will prevent dehydration.

7. Unless under the direction of a group exercise instructor, the use of weights during a cardio class is not recommended. If you choose to do so, please remain near the back of the class.

8. Please use a towel.

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