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COVID-19 UPdate


January 18, 2022


We are extremely happy to announce we will be re-opening this Thursday January 20 at regular time.  We’re still sorting out some of the details but looks as though rules will be the same as they were when we were shut down last month.  Going by the new capacity restriction, our building is big enough to accommodate the number of members at any time. There will be no reservation system.  


There will be no extra charges for the last 11 days of January as we were shut down with just over a week left in December.  Regular billing will begin on February 1.


Thank you for all the support during this very difficult time.  We’re excited to see everyone again and get back to doing what we love most.


January 17, 2022


Unfortunately we don’t have the go ahead to open tomorrow morning as planned.  

Expecting an announcement to be made at the Provincial Health press conference tomorrow at 1:30 as to exactly when we can reopen.  

Thank you to everyone for their vocal support.  Fitness is vital and needs to be reopened.  Looking forward to seeing you all again soon.



December 21, 2021


Unfortunately the provincial government announced today to close gyms starting tomorrow at midnight until January 18th at the earliest.  We are extremely shocked and saddened with this decision.

We will be open until closing tomorrow at 11pm.  There will not be billing of monthly dues on January 1.

We thank everyone for their continued support throughout this pandemic.  We look forward to welcoming our valued members back as soon as we’re able to.

Thank you.



September 9, 2021


Effective Monday September 13, the Vaccine Passport system will be implemented for businesses across BC.


Starting this Monday please bring one of the following when you come to workout:  BC Vaccine Card QR code on phone, BC Vaccine Card QR code printout or BC immunization record.  As per government policy, BC immunization records will only be accepted until September 26.  After that time only QR Code BC Vaccine Cards will be accepted.


If you are unsure how to register for the BC Vaccine Card, please click the following link:


We are currently working on a system where the QR Code is scanned once with the verification app and a note is put in our software so it doesn’t have be be scanned on every visit.  We will not be collecting copies of vaccine cards.  


For the first week please be prepared to show proof of vaccine for each visit.  


As this program is so new, please have patience with our staff as we learn to work through the issues and implement  it.  We’re hoping the end result will be a safer place to exercise with fewer restrictions and no shutdowns.


August 24, 2021


In the past 24 hours two new Covid-19 measures have been introduced by the BC Public Health Office that affect fitness centres.


First, mandatory masks have been re-introduced to all indoor businesses (including fitness) effective tomorrow Wednesday August 25.  However, in the order it states that masks may be removed when exercising.  As this is a very sudden and unexpected change, we will give our members a few days to start abiding to this new rule.


Secondly, vaccine passports were announced yesterday.  Anyone wishing to use a fitness facility, among many other businesses, must show proof of vaccination.  The details of this program are still being worked out but on September 13 only those who have had one or both Covid shots may enter.  Effective October 24 all those wishing to workout must have both vaccinations.  We will pass along more details as they become available.


Please be advised that whether one agrees or disagrees with these new measures, they are regulations put into place that businesses MUST follow to remain open.  We appreciate everyone’s understanding and support.  Stay Safe.





We’re so happy to welcome everyone back to Fit U!  As per the Fraser Health Authority guidelines we ask that you follow the policies & procedures for everyone's health & safety:


Members who are sick, showing sickness symptoms, quarantined, or self isolating will not be permitted to enter.


Please follow all tape or other floor markers as well as all signage designed to keep safe distancing. 


Sanitize equipment before & after each use.  Extra spray bottle & paper towel stations have been added.


Members are encouraged to show up dressed to workout and avoid using changerooms & congregating.


Equipment has been spaced 6 feet to allow adequate distancing.   In areas where machines can’t be spaced two arm’s lengths apart, pieces beside each other can not be used at the same time.


Langley location only: 

All workouts must be pre-booked in advance.  Because of our large capacity, we don’t anticipate any wait times trying to reserve a workout time, nor will we have a time limit on workouts.  This program is being implemented by our software provider so stay tuned for an update on the online booking protocols.



The following facilities and services must be closed in this first phase of reopening:


Kids Klub child minding....Now Open at Langley location only (Kids Club Safety Plan)

Steam Room/Sauna

Squash/Racquetball....Now Open at Langley location only (Squash member safety plan)

Basketball court.

Group Exercise...(Langley group exercise safety plan)

Water fountains


Using the guidelines and based on square footage, our occupancy is 100 people for Maple Ridge location & 175 for Langley.  This will be monitored by our software program & by head counts.


For our complete safety plans




Yours In Health,

Fitness Unlimited Health Club




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