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Langley Class Descriptions

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Stay motivated and get variety with our extensive range of classes tailored to your fitness level, from beginner to advanced we have a class to suit everyone.


BOXERFIT – Combines elements of boxing, muscular strength training, endurance training and cardiovascular training in one session.


BOOTCAMP – This is a conditioning class using many training styles. It has a strong cardio component as well as muscle conditioning within an interval format. Training will reflect a sports style of movement. The intensity will depend on the exercisers fitness level.


DEEP STRETCH – We all need to keep our muscles supple and our joints mobile. We need to get tightness out of our bodies! Class approach to stretch. Slow stretch focuses primarily on releasing tightness and the result is a calm, lengthened body.


MUSCLE HUSTLE – Following principles of HIIT & Tabata, this metabolic functional movement conditioning class will improve your endurance and strength.  Bodyweight cardio/strength/core work will be enhanced by use of Gliders, Resistance Band or Stability Balls to keep you moving and challenged


*It is recommended the exercisers in this athletic style workout are able bodied with good joint mobility.


INTERVAL HIIT – An interval cardio resistance training program. High energy + big effort yields BIG RESULTS! Exercisers are coached for safe movements. 


CARDIO/CORE - Intervals class combining core exercises with cardio conditioning and a slightly longer cool-down and stretching period at the end.


TOTAL BODY WORKOUT – This interval circuit style of training has cardio and muscle conditioning.


STEP IT UP – A cardio class using challenging patterns and combinations on a raised platform.


YOGA – Yoga techniques and poses are taught with the focus on the development of the body, mind and spirit. Body position, breathing & relaxing techniques are integrated in this special class.


ZUMBA – Latin inspired exercise in disguise. Fun and easy to follow basic steps for all ages, levels, dancers and non-dancers. Cardio based toning, sculpting, calorie burning workout.


ZUMBA TONING – Lightweight maraca-like toning sticks enhance sense of rhythm and coordination while toning target zones, including arms, core and lower body.

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