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Scientific training concepts form the foundation of our class design. Our extensive range of classes reflects our holistic approach to fitness. Our team is here to help you achieve your desired results. Our certified Instructors are BCRPA registered and have fitness first aid and CPR. Please review our safety tips and FAQ section before attending a class.

Fitness Unlimited Health Club has developed a unique menu of group fitness classes in Maple Ridge to appeal to a wide range of exercisers who enjoy the interaction of a group setting.

Give us a call or visit our club to learn more about the classes we offer.


Fit Classes



These popular classes are the traditional fitness classes that are tried n' true. In each class (with the exception of Body classes) there will be elements of low impact cardio, some resistance work, some abdominal work and stretch to end the class. The exercisers most comfortable with this style of training will be those new to fitness, those looking for their favorite classics, third age, pre/post maternity and those recovering from injury. These classes are appropriate for all levels. Click here for more info on the Classic series.



These classes are either part of our Mind / Body series, or our fun and trendy style of exercise. We will change up the classes in the 'Specialty Series' often to stay current with fitness industry. We believe all gym members should have some mind / body exercise in addition to their regular training program. Every class is appropriate for every exerciser, no restrictions to participation. Everyone welcome! Click here or more info on the Specialty series.



This series focuses on functional training. Metabolic means several energy systems are used through all the exercises. These high energy requirements yield high training benefits in an interactive class setting. The individual in this athletic style of training will be able bodied, with good joint mobility and is seeking a higher fitness level. This style of workout assists with training for competitive events and produces big returns. Click here for more info on the Metabolic series.


Fit Cycle



Indoor cycling, also known as Spinning works your quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, hips and core muscles. It is an excellent way to lose weight because it burns a tremendous number of calories (500-800 calories per 60 minute class). It improves cardiovascular fitness and develops muscle tone, endurance and core strength.


Your Fitness Unlimited cycling instructors have all studied biomechanics, training principles, and the physiology of indoor cycling, and have all been through a comprehensive assessment of their teaching skills.


Please allow our Instructors to help you with your bike set up and riding style. Feel free to ask questions of them and observe the safe practices displayed by each and every one of our Instructors.


Our instructors are focused on your enjoyment and most importantly your safety. If we can suggest something that may offer you a better riding experience, we will not hesitate to do so. And while we enjoy and encourage the individuality of our members, if we do offer up a recommendation for you, we encourgage you to please consider it.


Reservations for Spin classes are recommended. Sign with reception (604-465-8955) 24 hours in advance to reserve a bike. If your preferred time is already full, we will add your name to our waitlist and call you if a spot opens up. If you've made a reservation and cannot attend please call reception (604-465-8955) to cancel.


Fit Traning



No matter what your goal; weight loss, gaining muscle mass, increased fitness or maybe all three, our Personal Trainers will create a health and wellness program tailored to your personal needs. Our goal is to make sure you reach your goals.

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