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This series focuses on functional training. These high-energy classes yield high training benefits in an interactive class setting. It is recommended the exercisers in these athletic style workouts are able bodied with good joint mobility.

Metabolic training is a style of conditioning where we overload our cardio system with a strength component, creating a much greater workload. We combine aerobic with anaerobic intervals which yield high heart rates and huge calorie burn. This training concept may not be for everyone, as it is more advanced than our Classic Series classes. The exercises are higher risk and require technique in their execution. As such, the Instructor takes on the role of a Coach and provides a lot of exercise instruction and technique correction. The movements are explosive, and require power and whole body effort. The standard class format is such that partners / teams work through a circuit and train to fatigue. The results realized from this style of functional training class typically include: strength gains, fat loss, lean muscle mass gains and improved whole body fitness.


Scorch calories in minutes: alternate 20 sec high intensity anaerobic work, followed by 10 sec rest, repeated. A mix of techniques including: lifts, jumps, plyo, step, squats, core. 45 minute class.


An interval cardio resistance training program. High energy + big load + big effort yields BIG RESULTS. Exercisers are coached for safe movements.


Resistance training in its purest form, using bodyweight.  This is a suspended strap system using bodyweight + gravity while permitting adjustments to create your own work load.  Classes incorporate an add-on of either conditioning or core.

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