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These classes are either part of our Mind / Body program or our Fun / Trendy style of exercise. We change things up often in this series to stay current with the latest and greatest in group fitness. No restrictions to participation, everyone welcome!

We have a wide range of classes offered in the Specialty series, each having a large focus on core and balance development. Balance is not an accident. Balance is trained. Balance is a result of strength found in the center of your body (your core). Let our Instructors help you find and train your core. Your back will love you for it!


We all need to keep our muscles supple and our joints mobile, we need to get tightness out of our bodies! This approach is different than our technical R2L Class approach to stretch. Flow Stretch focuses primarily on releasing tightness and the result is a calm, lengthened body. 


This is the energetic Latin flavoured dance class with moves that get the hips swaying, the heart pumping and the blood flowing in a true cardio activity. Join in, cut loose and party your bad mood away. Whether you have two left feet or an extensive dance background come and get your groove on. No dance experience required. 


This is an all levels class. You will be guided through mindful movement supported by your breath. It is an uplifting practice that increases muscle tone, improves flexibility and concentration, detoxifies the vital organs and allows you to relax deeply. Modifications will be given to either soften or challenge your practice. Cheyenne brings huge emphasis on deep breathing and accessing the relaxation response in the body and mind. 


Please bring your personal Yoga mat.


This is the practice of ‘letting go’ of the surface muscles and learning how to find the internal CORE muscles. The regular practice of Pilates teaches our stabilizing muscles to wake up, teaches our primary working muscles to share the workload, and in turn permits our bodies to achieve a longer more relaxed status in the muscle. 


Vinyasa Flow is one of the most popular contemporary styles of yoga. Open to all levels, you will enjoy the smooth way the poses run together transitioning seamlessly from one posture to the next. Vinyasa is composed of a combination of postures designed to challenge your body and mind. Rhythmic and invigorating, each class will include breath work, core work, spine strengthening, balancing, and meditative mindfulness.


Resistance training in its purest form: using bodyweight. This is a suspended strap system using bodyweight + gravity while permitting adjustments to create your own work load.  Classes incorporate an add-on of either Conditioning or Core.

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