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Classic Series Classes

These popular classes are the traditional fitness classes that are tried and true.


In each Classic workout (with the exception of Body classes) there will be elements of low impact cardio, some resistance work, some abdominal work and stretch to end the class. The exercisers most comfortable with this style of training will be those new to fitness, those looking for their favourite classics, third age, pre/post maternity and those recovering from injury.


Total Body

Sculpt and tone your entire body, using equipment such as: dumbells, steps, stability balls, barbells. Suitable for all fitness levels. No cardio.


Step n' Sculpt

Designed to get your heart pumping and your muscles working! This fun and friendly class is for all fitness levels, shapes and sizes. This class offers the best of both: step aerobics for the cardio portion and weight training for the strength portion.



20 minutes of low impact aerobics, 20 minutes of Step and 20 minutes of core and stretch.




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