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Safety and Frequently Asked Questions About Our Classes

Your safety and enjoyment of our classes is of the utmost importance to us. Please review the recommendations below to maximize class success for everyone.

For Your Safety

 We are a ‘Scent Free’ facility. We ask that you refrain from wearing perfume, body lotion or any strong scents while exercising. We have many patrons with allergies and medical conditions that are adversley affected by strong scents.

 For safety reasons and to respect the space of your neighbors, gym bags, large coats and other bulky items are not permitted in the studio. Please bring a lock and use the personal lockers provided.

 Chewing gum during class is a safety risk and is not recommended.

 Always inform the instructor before class if you have an injury or medical condition that could be affected by exercise.

 If you are sick please prevent spreading illness and stay home to give your body a chance to recover.

 Please be sure you are well hydrated before class and that you bring water and a towel to class with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

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