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Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer

Serious athletes have long used personal trainers to increase their performance in competition. Movie stars are known to hire a personal trainer to keep them fitting into their Oscar gowns. But the people who benefit most from personal training are ordinary men and women seeking to function better in their everyday lives. 

Working with a trainer, anyone can achieve their fitness goals – goals as modest as touching your toes again or as ambitious as preparing to run a marathon. Whether you want to lose weight, regain flexibility, develop speed or simply feel good again, personal training with one of our trainers is a decision that you will continue to reap benefits from for years to come. Our personal trainers are certified and degreed professionals whose only goals are to assist, guide and educate you to experience greater ease and physical ability in your everyday life.

Your Personal Trainer will be your Body’s Personal Tutor

Improve Your Overall Fitness. Improve strength, flexibility, endurance, posture, balance, coordination and cardiovascular health while monitoring your progress and fine-tuning your program as you go.

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Reach or Maintain a Healthy Weight

Body fat reduction, weight management, body shaping and toning can all be achieved with the aid of a qualified trainer, who can help you set realistic goals and determine safe strategies, all while providing the encouragement you need.

Stick to It

Qualified personal trainers will help you stay motivated and enthused about working out. Your program will include activities that you enjoy, whether in the water, out for a run or a spinning bike.

Focus on Your Unique Health Concerns

Many of us will face physical changes as we age, such as arthritis, diabetes or obesity. Exercise can help manage these and other issues, including low-back pain, injury rehabilitation and pre/post-natal training. Together with your physician, physical therapist or other health care provider, a personal trainer can ensure a safe, efficient program.

Find the Right Way to Workout

Learn the correct way to use equipment, and appropriate form and technique for cardiovascular work and free-weight and strength training, and flexibility. Flex Your Mind And Your Muscles

Stop Wasting Time

Get maximum results in minimum time with a program designed specifically for you. Workouts that use your strengths and improve your weaknesses are efficient and effective.

Enhance Your Skills

Improve your strength and flexibility for the activities you enjoy, like tennis, skiing or golfing. Enhance Your Mind, Body Connection. Many trainers provide mind-body activities, such as stretching, yoga or mental imagery that may help you uncover new insights about yourself or find potential you didn’t realize you had.

Benefit from the Buddy System

Making a commitment to regularly meet with a trainer, you’ll benefit from individualized attention and support.

How Do You Select the Right Trainer?

We’ve assembled a team of personal trainers of varied background and experience. Depending on your specific needs and goals, you can choose a personal trainer who has the skills to help you be successful. To guide you in your selection we have created three levels, each with a fee schedule that reflects the trainer’s experience and qualifications.

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